Witos' third office

The spring solstice 1926 r., work of the Polish Socialist Party, lasted three weeks, and it was full of experiments, scuffle, resignation and behind-the-scenes intrigues. One by one, Witos's candidacies were popped up and down, Chaciński (ChD), Dąbski (PSL), Piłsudski, Moraczewski, Władysław Grabski. It seemed indisputable that Zdziechowski would still be the Minister of the Treasury, because only he had the courage to save the treasury from a deficit. The People's National Union stood firm on two demands: internal affairs to Stanisław Grabski, military force for Sikorski; the left rejected it. Admittedly, there was a parliamentary majority, but under it some of the workers and unemployed were tumbling down, and over her were the victorious sabers. From November, the infestation from Sulejówek spread over various garrisons, carried by the "Cinderella" legionnaires. Various conspiracies of "Kocgroup" were smoking, "Leokadies" etc.. The president assured Głąbiński in his dovish simplicity, that Piłsudski would never enter the path of rape, that he is sick anyway, that only some Piłsudians hunger for trouble, therefore, they do not need to be irritated by Sikorski's advances. Dmowski has also expressed his opinion for years, that Piłsudski is coming to an end and indeed the Marshal's columns in Poranny gave the impression of a mental aberration. Meanwhile, it was not only the sabers and fists of a dissatisfied minority that hindered the formation of the government. Although Sikorski had a good name in France, our radicals went to Paris for education, how parliamentary governments and legally elected presidents are thrown to the left: the pattern of the "left-wing cartel" shone, which, however, in Poland could only be realized after winning new elections. They mixed up with the Sejm and government practices, to spite Sikorski and France, also English diplomats. From that same England, a different model shone upon the socialists – general strike, which admittedly weakened Albion's competitive strength on European markets. The government will be happy, who will come to power by a similar method, and then he will exploit the prosperity and base the new "prosperity" on the export of coal.

And Polish public opinion, especially the opinion of the intelligentsia – what she wanted at that critical moment? Belief in parliamentarism has weakened considerably, when a large branch of the Seym did not respect the will of the ready majority, nor was he able to create it. There was a defective constitution, on "parliamentary administration" and "party", not very discriminating, which these defects are magnified (recently Piłsudski has absorbed these formulas). Polish passivity caused, that outside the Seym, the parties were weak, they lived on contributions from MPs; a weak percentage of citizens supported the work of their chosen ones, many have demanded of them and of the state unbreakable prosperity. Smarter circles sigh to a strong government, and this current from Krakow influenced the parliamentary right wing, and from the right hand to the center. Not only endecs anymore, Christian Democrats, Dubanowicz declared in favor of strengthening the president's authority and in favor of changing the electoral law, but Witos after 5-6 years of experience has come to be convinced, that it is high time to curb the excesses of liberation demagogy and raise the authority of the government in relation to the irresponsible parliament.

Such was the prime minister who dared 10 May 1926 r. form a center-right-wing government, from "chaens" to "enpeers", in which Piast received 3 made, People's National Union 2, as much Christian Democracy, as much as NPR. Striking numbers, peculiar composition: in the office, whose intellect was supposed to be from the spirit of the former National Democracy, the smallest number was taken by the National Democrats, which were the most numerous in the Sejm – he had too little ambition - after all, from ambition comes the ability to govern. No politician has used the portfolio of foreign affairs, because foreign countries will regret the signatory Locamo. The portfolio of military affairs was picked up by the poor in spirit gen. Malczewski – because the greater people chickened out.

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