Neville Chamberlain

Neville Chamberlain

Arthur Neville Chamberlain, english politician, born 18 brand 1869 years in Edgbaston, near Birmingham. Fact, that he came from a high-ranking family, it made it easier for him to achieve a political career. Shortly after World War I, Chamberlain took over the Ministry of the Treasury, driving it, to year 1923, led to a significant recovery in the British economy. In years 1923, 1924-1929 i 1931 he held the office of the Minister of Health, by implementing many laws, mainly in the field of social benefits. W 1931 In the same year, he again received the portfolio of the Minister of the Treasury. He folded it up 6 years later, When is it 28 May 1937 year he was elected Prime Minister of Great Britain. It was the greatest success in Chamberlain's career.

Chamberlain's policy as prime minister was mainly based on the so-called. appeasementu, that is, the method of diplomacy, consisting in the use of wide concessions to the aggressive actions of the Third Reich. Chamberlain, desiring to keep the peace of Europe at all costs, he wanted to remove the vision of a possible war as far as possible, that would explode, if England intervened militarily upon the news of another annexation carried out by Germany. also, the British Prime Minister was well aware of the weakness of the English land and air forces. Considering that, he did not want to put Britain in danger of being attacked by a much stronger Wehrmacht. Faith in the effectiveness of his own diplomacy seemed more attractive to him. By peaceful means he tried to stop Hitler from his possessive visions.

To this end, he agreed to all the attempts of Hitler, such as the annexation of the Sudetes, Czech, Austria, or Klaipeda. However, the fact is, that they are “spoiling” the German leader was not and was not able to keep the peace. With any consent to aggressive action by Hitler, ten, rozochocony, he kept walking, seeing no moderation. He was always convinced, that he can afford anything, being sure, that he will get it, what he wants, not being exposed to UK intervention. He felt unpunished.

Seeing, what his method of diplomacy leads to, Chamberlain, rushed by the public, decided in 1939 years to change the course of his politics, deciding to break appeasement. For example, his new views on the issue of German claims were confirmed by guarantees for Poland from 31 brand. However, it was too late.

It is a fact, that Neville's foreign policy?and Chamberlain was wrong. The British Prime Minister did not see any real threat, that German Nazism carried with it. He could not rightly assess the prevailing political situation. His ideas of peace at all costs brought a terrible war to Europe.

Chamberlain, after the defeat of the British expedition in Norway in 1940, pressured by society and close associates, he decided to 10 may resign as Prime Minister to Winston Churchill. Soon he developed stomach cancer. He died 9 November 1940 year.

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