Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born 20 April 1889 year in the Austrian town of Braunan am Inn. After graduating from school, he moved to Vienna to study painting at the local academy. Unfortunately, double failing entrance exams made, that the discouraged would-be painter returned back to his hometown.

During the First World War, he volunteered to join the German army. He earned the rank of gefraitre and twice earned the Iron Cross. W 1918 r. he was blinded at the front as a result of poisoning with combat gas and spent the last six months of the war in a military hospital in Pasewalk. He strongly opposed the provisions of the Treaty of Versailles, feeling disgraced with the state of affairs at the time.

W 1919 Hitler joins the German Workers' Party DAP (a year later renamed the NSDAP) and coming soon, because in 1922 year becomes its leader. Wanting to gain power, organizes in 1923 in Munich, a small coup (in later propaganda enlarged to almost the size of a revolution), which fails. Adolf Hitler is arrested and given a prison sentence for 5 years. Soon he is imprisoned in Landsberg prison. I am writing my famous book there, “Main fight”, in which it incorporates most of its National Socialist ideology. It introduces elements of racism and discrimination.

After early release from prison in December 1924 year begins to gather a group of loyal associates around him, in line with his views. He wants to gain power at all costs; however experienced the events of the year 1923 I want to do it legally this time, that is, to win the elections. He finally succeeds 30 January 1933, when his party obtains a majority in parliament. Taking advantage of the loopholes in the law, Hitler took full power, obtaining special powers of attorney from his Reichstag subsidiary on all matters. From that moment on, he was an unofficial dictator, he soon called himself the title of Fuehrer, which means chief (it happened after the death of Hindenburg, when he merged the office of president with his current function of chancellor).

From then on, Hitler, wielding all the power in his hand, he made all efforts to prepare for the implementation of the above-mentioned “My fight” goals. Reinforcements were carried out en masse and propaganda was in full swing. New concentration camps were established, various attacks were common, purges, or other actions related to violence. It is worth mentioning here the so-called. “night of long knives”, when it was at night with 29 on 30 June 1934 year, during a ruthless raid on hostile SA activists, approx 400 people.

In year 1938 the external implementation of National Socialist ideas began. In October 1938 on Hitler's order, Austria was annexed (the so-called. connection). The following year, the Wehrmacht took the Czech Republic (a subordinate state was created from Slovakia) and Klaipeda. Politics of Western countries (appeasement) favored these intentions.

Poland was next in line. Here Hitler knew, that the matter will not be so easy, as for the other two countries. He knew, that Poland will start to fight the Wehrmacht, and England and France, bound by their alliances, will soon declare war on the Third Reich. Therefore, he secured the signed ones 23 of August 1939 year by a pact with the Russians and 1 September attacked Poland. Cheerful with the success of the campaign, the following year he took France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway.

22 June, having radically changed the international situation of Germany, Hitler attacked a former ally – Soviet Union. He entrusted the command to excellent German generals, so the Wehrmacht quickly penetrated deep into the enemy country. However, after the defeat in Moscow, he decided to take matters into his own hands and took absolute command of the eastern campaign. As a result of the Fuehrer's ineffective command, German troops suffered a defeat on the entire section of the front. From 1942 year the Wehrmacht was gradually pushed to the West.

Hitler was losing support among his associates. In the face of the impending defeat, a group of conspirators even carried out 20 July 1944 a failed bombing of the Fuehrer in the year.

Adolf Hitler at the beginning of the year 1945 he was already a physical and mental wreck. He's sick with Parkinson's, addicted to amphetamines, neurotyczny, the foreseeable man hid himself in solitude and rarely appeared in public, maintaining contact only with important state dignitaries.

Adolf Hitler officially spent the last days of his life in his bunker in Berlin, where he had to commit the day 30 IV 1945, along with the bride 29 April my wife (Ewa Braun), suicide. Unfortunately, the circumstances of his death are unknown. There is no certainty, whether he had actually ended his life then.

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