Tadeusz Kutuwie

Tadeusz Kutuwie

Tadeusz Kutuwie, son of Tomasz and Ludwika was born 15 April 1886 year in Krakow. At the age of ten, he was sent by his father, captain of the Austrian army, to the 7-grade Real School in Fischau, town near Wierne Neustadt. In year 1903 he passed his secondary school-leaving examination at the Real State Gymnasium in Vienna. Then he enrolled at the Faculty of Engineering at the Military University of Technology in Moedling near the Austrian capital. After three years of study, getting an excellent result, He was appointed second lieutenant of sappers. For he studied perfectly, he was allowed to decide for himself, in which unit he would like to serve. The choice fell on 9. The Sapper Battalion stationed in Krakow. W 1910 He interrupted his service and took up additional education at the Academy of the General Staff in Vienna. Tam, during his three-year studies, he studied military engineering. In the meantime, in year 1911 he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant. After graduating, until the outbreak of the war, he served in the Engineering Headquarters in Sarajevo. Tam, actively working, he developed, inter alia, a project of fortifications on the border with Montenegro.

During the First World War, Tadeusz Kut Security was constantly being sent from place to place. Initially, it was in Sarajevo (where the war found him), where he served in the headquarters of the local fortress. He was then assigned as a staff officer to 2. Mountain Artillery Brigade fighting on the Serbian front. 15 brand 1915 Tadeusz Kutrzeb was transferred to the Russian front as a German officer. There he was promoted to the rank of captain. Immediately after his promotion, he was sent to the Italian front, where in february 1916 He managed to receive the post of chief of staff of the technical troops of the Army Group of Archduke Eugene. After less than half a year, Kutrzeb was transferred to Transylvania, where 1 August became the chief of staff of the fortification inspection in the local command of the Austrian troops. Another front, on which Tadeusz Kut Security was located, there was a Romanian front, where it was sent in September. After eight months of service, he was transferred back to Russia. The last function of Tadeusz Kutrzeb during the First World War was the head of staff of the Austrian base in the Danube town of Braiła.

After the collapse of the Central Powers, 28 X 1918 Tadeusz Kut Security established contact with the Polish Liquidation Commission, which he joins at the beginning of November of that year, starting work at the Military Department. Soon he joins the reborn Polish Army, where he is assigned to the 1st Division of the General Staff of the Supreme Command and at the beginning of the next year he becomes the deputy chief of this division. Since then, Kutrzeb's career started to go faster and faster – after less than nine months, he becomes the chief of staff 1. DPLeg, and soon it begins to perform the same function in the Operational Group of general Rydz-Śmigły. Last month 1919 in the year he is promoted to the rank of major.

During the Polish-Bolshevik war, he was the chief of staff in various groups. At the beginning, during an expedition to Kiev in April 1920 year he commanded the staff 3. Army. During the retreat, he was appointed chief of staff of the entire Southeast Front. He occupied an equally high position during the Battle of Warsaw, commanding the staff of the Central Front. In the end he became the chief of staff of the newly created staff 2. Of the Polish Army. He ended the war with the rank of lieutenant colonel.

In the interwar period, Tadeusz Kutuwie, still advancing from rank to rank, he held many different offices, but remaining in the staff all the time. His most important functions included, among others, the position of the 1st Deputy Chief of the General Staff and the head of the Strict War Council Bureau. also, Tadeusz Kutuwie took part in almost all military conferences, or staff meetings. Furthermore, he was a respected lecturer and military theorist. He wrote numerous publications devoted to this field, a w 1928 became the commander of the Higher Military School. Promoting him was a confirmation of Tadeusz Kutrzeb's high position in the Polish Army 19 brand 1939 year to the rank of Major General and appointing him commander of the newly formed Army “Poznan”.

During the September Campaign, he fought at the head of the aforementioned Army “Poznan”. He took part in the Battle of Bzura (of which he was the originator of this offensive strike), when he commanded the combined forces of the army “Poznan” i “Pomerania”. After reaching the capital, to where it is 22 September broke through with the weakened remnants of its troops, for six days he was the deputy commander of the created army “Warsaw”. Shortly before the fall of the city, he conducted capitulation talks with the German side and 28 September signed the act of surrender of Warsaw.

After the defeat in the September campaign, General Kut Security was interned by the Germans. He has been in four different oflags, in which he organized and conducted secret military courses among other prisoners. He was liberated by US troops in a year 1945. After the general leaves the camp, The Polish government-in-exile proposed Tadeusz Kutrzeba to take the position of Minister of National Defense. However, he did not accept the proposal, probably because of his poor health – he was diagnosed with a heavy tumor. He died in London on the day 8 January 1947 year. He was posthumously awarded the 3rd class Virtuti Militari order.

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