Facts made in the country

Facts made in the country

In France, Poland had a perfectly equipped "blue" army of Haller (60 000 people), which Piłsudski immediately wanted to take from the Committee and bring it under his orders, and which Dmowski intended primarily to fill Gdańsk and the lower Vistula. Alliance ie. properly, The English delayed sending it, lest she make some facts for the benefit of her country. Much of this force was organized in Italy by J.[an] Zamorski and Maciej Loret. Formations separated from Odessa were moving to the country, from Kubania from Siberia, to connect with the legionnaires, POW and "armed force". In Poznańskie from mid-January [1919 r.] he organized the Dowbor-Muśnicki regiments well, but all these hauls were not enough to defend Poland against someone else's accomplished facts.

The Greater Poland Uprising lasted six weeks, the coalition recognized the front line they had achieved as temporary, demarcation; it ran west of Międzychód, Zbąszyna, Wolsztyn, but left West Prussia in the hands of the Germans, Silesia and scraps of Greater Poland.

Taking advantage of this victorious Slavic-Germanic struggle, the Czechs treacherously broke the November Agreement and demanded that the Polish commander, Colonel Latinik, immediately empty Silesia all the way to the Biała River.. Latinik refused, the population resisted, but the violence got its way. The harmful and scandalous fight was interrupted by order from Paris, leaving the above points in the hands of the attackers. The Ruthenians, encouraged by the attitude of Lloyd George, returned to the offensive on Rawa Ruska and Przemyśl and again took Lviv under fire on their, i.e.. Austrian artillery. In such a situation it was difficult to wait for the Haller citizens to come to the country with their hands tied, or for Piłsudski to expand his faithful regiments so, that there would also be enough of them for Eastern Galicia. Forcing the hand of the commander-in-chief, as it were, MP Skarbek 26 February [1919 r.] carried out the first law on the conscription of a recruit.

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