Emil Przedrzymirski-Krukowicz

Emil Przedrzymirski-Krukowicz

Emil Przedrzymirski-Krukowicz coat of arms “Arc”, son of Charles, pharmacist and pharmacy owner, and Wanda née. Smirzitz, from Czech origin, born 25 January 1886 in Niemirów in the South Roztocze region. From an early age, he was educated towards an army career; On the basis of his father's decision, he enrolled in a real military school in Košice. After seven years of study, he entered the Viennese Military University of Technology, after which graduation in a year 1906 he was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant. As young Emil's aspiration was to become a cavalryman, at the beginning of October of the following year, he began studying at the Horse Riding School in Vienna, which he graduated from 30 April 1908 year. However, despite great riding skills, Przedrzymirski stayed 18 of August 1908 year assigned not to cavalry, but 32. field artillery regiment in Lviv; later transferred to 30. artillery regiment. Tam, in year 1911 he was promoted to the rank of second lieutenant.

After the outbreak of World War I, Lieutenant Przedrzymirski initially commanded a battery in the mother regiment. Almost immediately after the start of hostilities, 26 August was injured. He did not return to the front quickly. In the meantime, in years 1915-16 he was a company commander at the Military Artillery Academy in Traiskirchen near Vienna; there in a year 1915 he was promoted to the rank of captain. He was sent back to line service in the second half of the year 1916. Assigned to his regiment, he performed more and more important functions: regimental adjutant, the squadron commander and the 2nd staff officer of the regiment.

On the eve of regaining independence, Captain Przedrzymirski joined the reborn Polish Army. Initially, he was a military delegate to the Special Mission in Yugoslavia and Hungary, but after less than six months, with the offensive of the Polish army on Kiev, he returned to line service. 1 April 1919 year was assigned to 19. squadron 6. field artillery regiment. 20 in May, he was transferred to the staff, where he began to hold the office of the head of the Artillery Section of the Second Division of the Supreme Command. 30 April 1920 year, in the face of the great threat of a Bolshevik flood, he was transferred back to the line service ? became the commander of the newly formed 16. field artillery regiment in Grudziądz. also, was given command of the southern section of Grudziądz defense. As a result of a critical situation, 12 August was transferred to the Northeast Front, where he fought until the last day of October. After the end of hostilities, he was given command of 16. a field artillery regiment.

During the Polish-Bolshevik war, Emil Przedrzymirski-Krukowicz showed himself brilliantly, especially during the fighting for Horodec in Polesie, for which he was awarded the Silver Cross of the Virtuti Militari War Order (it is worth recalling a fact here, that in later years the grateful inhabitants of the city granted him honorary citizenship). In year 1920 was promoted to the rank of major.

In years 1922-23 Colonel Przedrzymirski studied at the Higher Military School in Warsaw, after which he was the chief of staff in the District of the 5th Corps in Krakow. In July 1924 He became the 1st Officer of the Staff of the 4th Army Inspectorate in Kraków and held this role until 13 September 1926, when he became the head of the Independent Artillery Department of the Ministry of Military Affairs. 14 April 1927, after the creation of the Artillery Department, stood at its head. He performed this function until the day 23 of December 1929 year, When is it, as a result of a conflict with gen. Olgiet Pożerski, he was transferred as a division infantry commander to one stationed in Częstochowa 7. Infantry Division.

Colonel Przedrzymirski gained a lot of weight, when it was during the war game in the second half of the year 1931 it was awarded by Marshal Józef Piłsudski. 14 October of that year he was placed under the command of Kobryń 30. Infantry Division, and now 1 January 1932 he was promoted to the rank of Brigadier General. General Przedrzymirski returned to the staff in 1937 year, when he again headed the Artillery Department of the Ministry of Military Affairs. Day was the key to the military career of Przedrzymirski-Krukowicz 24 brand 1939 year, when Marshal Edward Rydz-Śmigły communicated to the general, that in the event of war he would be in command of the Army “Modlin”; he officially took command on the day of the German invasion of Poland.

At the beginning of September 1939 year, an army led by General Przedrzymirski-Krukowicz fought in days 1-3 September bloody, three-day battle at Mława. also, 11 On September, the general fought with his soldiers in the Second Battle of Tomaszów Lubelski. Army surrender act “Modlin” he signed only in the face of a totally hopeless situation, day 26 September, after destroying the equipment. Next day, in Piaski, he was taken prisoner by the Germans. From 5 October, he was in Oflags. He was released 29 April 1945, after the liberation of Murnau by American troops. He stayed in Paris until the end of hostilities, Nice and London. 1 July 1945 in the year he was promoted to the rank of Major General (he found out about this promotion from General Anders only ten years later).

After the war, he and his wife settled in Canada, where, performing various social functions and helping the local Polish community financially (he made great profits from the enterprise he founded), remained until his death. He died of a heart attack in Toronto, day 29 May 1957 year.

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