Calendars Under the sign of "IKC"

Calendars Under the sign of "IKC"

Regaining independence in 1918 r. brought about a tremendous development of calendars. Hundreds of them were published every year in the interwar years. The most varied: from 365-366-sheet board walls, with sentences, epigrams, in lines, tips, reminders, anecdotes, etc.. Pocket calendars are also extremely popular, issued by various private companies and social associations, finally - regional calendars. Some newspapers and magazines as well as political parties and social organizations also published their calendars. So - "Gazeta Poranna", "Voice of Podhale", "Polish Courier", "Western Courier", "Dziennik Bałtycki" etc..

Of all the pre-war calendars, however, the "IKC Calendar" was undoubtedly the most popular., published in the years 1928—1939 by the Krakow-based press concern "Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny".

He was "allistic", "General" and "universal" at the same time. It contained permanent sections, especially devoted to the history of astronomy and cultural history. There were also curiosities in it, but the curiosity reprinted for fun, learning and entertainment. The calendar was, of course, loyal to the government and focused primarily on the clientele of the intelligentsia and the middle class. The "IKC Calendar" entertained and educated, but he also confirmed the inherent need of people to believe in various strange things in the world and in nature. Compared to many others, it was distinguished by its level. His life (as well as many other calendars) however, it ended with the outbreak of war, and with it - one of the most colorful chapters of Polish calendarology.

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