Initially, the armed forces of the Ottoman state were organized in a traditional way, which is actually still tribal, way it consisted of, that the chief was gathering around him the men who made up his team, which served him faithfully. As the population grew, the elders of the family became the leaders of subsequent teams. Over time, she developed with the Ottomans, similar to the Seljuk family, organization of the army on the basis of a fief.

The chiefs were given land, from which they made profits in return for covering the costs of maintaining the soldiers, however, this did not guarantee blind obedience, and in the face of the waywardness of the vassals who were growing in strength, the Sultan did not always feel safe, therefore he needed his personal guards. Therefore, Orhan decided to create a new army, or yeni ceri- Janissaries. Because the Koran forbids having a Muslim as a slave, and such an army was de facto enslaved, the sultan gave the order to lead the famous captive (devsirme). From conquered territories, and often from countries that have just been conquered, kidnapped 8-, 9-Christian summer boys, who were Islamized, educated and raised in blind obedience to the Sultan. After all, he took them in, he fed and kept him safe, therefore they should serve him faithfully until the end of their days. Institution (if you can call it that) Janissaries were accepted and developed without any problems, captives were practiced throughout the existence of this corps, to refresh it – power with new future warriors.

Janissary's education system wasn't complicated Until he was finished 21 years, the boy was inculcated in the principles of a new religion, court etiquette as well as the discipline and basics of the war craft. He practiced the latter in the barracks for several years (from 21. age) and only then did he become a Janissary – he was no longer a slave, but neither was he completely free. For example, he could not get married (until the end of the 18th century) nor wear a beard. He could, however, with success on the battlefield (later, the Janissaries began to take part in military campaigns, they were no longer just bodyguards), climb the career ladder, by joining the elite page corps (icoglan) to the highest position permitted for them – grand vizier.

The Janissaries ensured inner peace to the Ottoman Empire, the mighty feudal lords did not dare to oppose the will of the Sultan. They also took part in great battles, for example in the one fought during the siege of Vienna (1683), where approx. 10 thousand. With time, the Janissaries grew so into political power, that without their approval, no ruler could sit on the throne, especially in the event of an accident, when high officials came from their ranks. At the end of the 18th century. the Janissaries became demoralized, a corrupt group hungry for power, privileges and ever higher salaries, standing in the way of progress, therefore Mahmud II (1808 – 39) decided to untie them. Because it could not be done peacefully, he first formed his own bodyguard, equipped her with modern weapons and issued in 1826 r. command, that the Janissaries would be dissolved. These, of course, did not want to submit to it and stirred up rebellion at their own risk, quickly and bloodily suppressed by Mahmud's new army. Cut in the trunk over 15 thousand. the Janissaries and thus ended the five-century-long history of the world-famous Yeni Ceri Corps.

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